The artist

The Arte Compostella Company is a historic artisan workshop located in the center of Naples where for three generations the knowledge and application of ancient craftsmanships, in particular gold leaf and golden restoration, are handed down. The lab in the course of the decades has gilded and restored: churches, theaters, hotels, conservators, institutions and historic ships; She has furnished case, constructed furniture for theatrical performances and provided consultancy.


Today, the Arte Compostella laboratory continues its tradition of golden gilding and its production of classic luxury furnishings. Mario Compostella since 1994 is the owner, learns the craft of goldsmith and decorator, specializes in the studies gaining the titles of: “Master of Applied Art“, “Designers of Architecture and Furnishings“, “Master Craft” professional training and “Expert Expert“. He participates in numerous national and international events and events in particular, the exhibit experiences in New York in 2006 at the Columbus Day and in the Arab Emirates in 2007 where he represents the expression of craftsmanship Made in Italy, giving momentum to his personal artistic




Can you develop the “do new” starting from the “remote fate“? This is the question Mario Compostella tries to answer, wearing the theme of a modern archaeologist, based on his research on three elements: historical cultural origins, ancient craft techniques and remote objects or fragments.

It is a track that has since 2006 been involved in the design and realization of its collection of furnishings, followed by its first personal installations:


  • La Materia della Memoria “in 2011 under the International Forum of Cultures, Naples, former Filangieri asylum.
  • DECORazioni” In 2012 within the Cathedral of the medieval village of Casertavecchia.
  • Le sette Madonne” In 2014 within the “Sotterranea Naples” path”